Monday, August 10, 2009

Updates!!! Whee!! All Items Are on Cheapest.

Item Name : Satin Tube
Colour : Electric Blue
Material : Pure Satin
Size : XS - small M
Details to Highlight : Very sexy tube satin dress suitable for any occasion indeed. Check out the bust area, which gives a slightly bigger visual to those with not so flattering boobs. Comes with straps to fit as a spaghetti dress too. Colour true to the 1st picture but design is the same exactly as the 2nd. Brand new, ready stock.
Price : RM35

Item Name : Cute Polka
Colour : As seen in picture
Material : Satin
Size : XS - small M
Details to Highlight : I don't think I need to explain further on the dress as the pictures says a 1000 words. Very tre-cute. Brand new. Ready Stock.
Price : RM35 only (steal)

Item Name : Pinky Cutie
Colour : Pink with White Ribbon
Material : Stretchable Cotton
Size : XS - small M
Details to Highlight : So absolutely cute, and yet so sexy. Plunging neck line however, can be worn both ways. Front and back. Wear it wit a tube inside. Totally up to you. Brand new, ready stock, with tag.
Price : RM30 only (steal)

Item Name : Multipurpose Bag
Colour : Snow White
Material : PVC
Size : Can fit A4 paper.
Details to Highlight : Totally versatile piece. Can be worn as a sling bag or a hand bag. Many compartments for college use or just to go out. Very tre-cute. Brand new.
Price : RM45

Item Name : Satin Toga
Colour : Maroon
Size : Strictly UK4 - UK6
Details to Highlight : Satin Material with black colour cotton lining. Comes with side zipper for easy fitting. Worth every penny. Brand new.
Price : RM32

Item Name : Multiway Dress
Colour : Pinkish Red
Size : UK4 - UK8
Details to Highlight : These are the oni 2 ways to wear the dress. There are more than 5 ways to wear this ensemble. Get creative for different occasions. Stretchable. Brand new. Very versatile indeed.
Price : RM42

Item Name : Hot Salsa Dress
Colour : Devil Red
Size : UK4 - UK8
Details to Highlight : Stretchy material with a salsa cutting at the bottom. Totally body hugging and check out the sexy cutting and design of the dress. Not for the faint hearted. =) Brand new.
Price : RM42

Hot Pink Killers

Item : Hot Pink Killers

Colour : Hot Pink

Heel Height : 3 inches.

Size : Vincci 6 (37)

Details I Like to Highlight : Stunning hot pink colour, with sexy black stilettos. Loved this so much but unfortunately as it was too small for me, I have to let it go. It really is gorgeous for those who want to stand out. Brand new, still in box with wrapping.

Price : RM50 (additional RM6 for postage)

Fushia Dress (D001)
Price : RM35
1 piece available
Size : UK 6 - UK12
Colour : Fushia

Pleated Skirt (S001)
Price : RM30
2 pieces available
Size : UK 4 - UK 6 (S size only)
Colour : Black

Basic Skirt (S002)
Price : RM35
Available last piece
Size : UK 4 - UK 6 (S size only)
Colour : White

Grey Dress cum Long Top

Price : RM 30
Color : Light Grey (available)
Size : Free Size (S - L)
Material : Cotton
Brand new, with tag. Belt not included.

Zara Racer Back

Lovely blue racer back from Zara. Brand new, never worn before. Cousin bought it for me but unfortunately it is too low cut for me.. Anyone with boobs? Here's a top for you. Slightly silky and very smooth material.

And check it out!! Pair it with a vest and turn this simple top to a top that turns heads...

Price : RM15
Colour : Sky Blue
Size : UK 4 - UK10

Purple Hoodie

I so love this hoodie. Who wouldn't? Love the colour, love the material. Unfortunately, when my mom bought it from the States, she was not very sure about my size. Thick material. Brand new, without tag. Lovely colour, true to pic. Bought from US, and very good quality. Anyone going abroad? Consider this.

Price : RM35 (Now RM30 only)
Colour : Lavendar
Size : UK8 - UK12

Sporty Jacket

Bought this jacket when i went to Thailand. Fell in love with it when i saw it. Fitted me pretty well. Looks good on anything too. But unfortunately I have too many in my closet. Brand new, never worn, without tag. Excellent condition. Very nice smooth material too. Slightly stretchable.

Price : RM25
Colour : White & Orange
Size : UK4 - UK8


Bought this top, worn it once, but unfortunately I have to let it go as it is too neck plunging for me. LOL.. Mommy keeps complaining. In excellent condition.
Price : RM20 (Now RM15 only)
Colour : Army Green
Size : UK4 - UK8

Naf Naf Top

My friend totally bought this top for me for my birthday but unfortunately, it does not fit me well and it is not my style. So sad but will have to let it go. Brand new, without tags. Material is to die for.
Price : RM30
Colour : Peach and Gold stripes
Size : S (fits UK6 - UK12)